I am not a doctor just someone who got diagnosed too. During my researches I have came across many resources no medical worker told me about. I am trying here to list those resources I have found online.
Please make your own opinion by reading the links provided in the articles.

Work In progress. For now a raw list

SMA Polymyositus Myostenia Gravís Kennedy’s disease. demyelination disease

Chiari malformation Myasthenia gravis CIDP MMN Mitochondrial disease Isaac’s Syndrome/neuromyotonia Charcot-Marie-Tooth Multiple sclerosis Guilllain Barre Syndrome Heavy metal poisoning Medication reactions Post viral syndrome Lyme disease Fibromyalgia Cancers of various descriptions Kennedy disease Small fiber neuropathy Parsonage-turner Syndrome Spinal disorders Thyroid disease Diabetic neuropathy Vitamin deficiencies Vitamin toxicities Painful legs moving toes Pompe disease Vasculitis Polymyositis Inflammatory myopathy Celiac Disease Hypoparathyroid Multifocal motor neuropathy